Network Sites

For the network infrastructure we use several private and colocated locations. Distributed networks and systems are one of the goals of this Massar's Network, hence we have routers and servers in various locations.

The site code follows UN/LOCODE, encoding the city in the domain of the hosts.

These sites are cross-connected with the venerable Wireguard unless otherwise noted.

For ease of reference the site also have a more human name based on Castle Structure names that follow the alphabet. The site name is also typicaly the primary hostname for that site.

Site Name Site City TLD Country Connectivity DescriptionRIPE Atlas Probe
Alcazarlug.chLugano🇨🇭Switzerland500/120 G.Fast DSLHome & Lab, via Init7🔦 Probe #1002733
Bastionzrh.chZ├╝rich🇨🇭Switzerland1GbE EthernetColocated at Daedalean Datacenter via IPng NetworksAnchor #7026
Citadelwin.chWinterthur🇨🇭Switzerland1GbE EthernetColocated at AXA Datacenter via Init7🔦 Probe #1002734


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