I started operating own domains for email, websites and other services since the '90s using machines in friendly or paid networks. Then made a big leap to operating SixXS which we ran from 2000 till 2017. In the mean time moving own services to private colocated machines in 2012. Networking has always been a semi-pro hobby that turned into work.

In the SixXS project I built and managed the Ghost Route Hunter (GRH) system for analyzing BGP anomalies, this was done by operating AS8298 and doing multi-hop BGP and analyzing the incoming BGP feeds from a large set of peers.

I have been and still am commercially involved in development of network management tools, network traffic monitoring and analysis systems, research on a variety of subjects and am an IETF contributor.

My Presentations and Publications pages contains more details about these projects.

Next Steps

As such, there is the next step: own LIR, IPv4, IPv6 and BGP speaking network. The best way to learn and experiment is to be able to play with a network and establish the best practices by practicing, which is not always possible in a full commercial environment.

Network setup

Because of the researchy nature of my endeviours, the network is split into two parts:
  • Production:
    • Stable traffic for connectivity and hosting of a variety of projects (eg. Mesyx, private galleries, mail servers etc)
  • Research:
    • Sub-network behind the production part of the network
    • Private ASN behind the main ASN for time being