AS57777 BGP Communities

The following communities are in use by AS57777.

1 = Informational
57777:1:1IRR Valid Prefix
57777:1:2RPKI ROA Valid
57777:1:3RPKI ROA Unknown
57777:1:5From Peer
57777:1:7No Export
57777:1:8Do Export
57777:1:9From RouteServer
6 = Filtering
Normally one would not see filtered prefixes outside of AS57777
57777:6:1Drop ASN
57777:6:2ASN Path Too Long
57777:6:3Bogon ASN
57777:6:4Martian Prefix
57777:6:5Our Prefix (AS57777)
57777:6:6Wrong Length
57777:6:7RPKI ROA Invalid
57777:6:8Wrong Peer ASN
57777:6:9IXP Prefix
57777:6:10Communities Exceeded
57777:6:11IRR Mismatch
8 = Via (Location / IX)
57777:8:0Private Network Interconnect (PNI)
IX locations indicated with
57777:8:31DEC-IX Frankfurt

NLNOG Ring LookingGlass Format: 57777.txt.