Network Details

Please reference the following table for details a quick overview of the details of this network.

Organisation Name Massar Networking
RIPE LIR ch.massar
PeeringDB (details to follow)
ASN AS57777
IPv4 Prefix
IPv6 Prefix 2a10:fc40::/29
Transits (AS50869)
Peering Locations Daedalean, Zurich, Switzerland (pending: DEC-IX, NL-IX, Swiss-IX, Free-IX)
Peering Policy Open
Peering Requests (todo: WebInterface+API)
Abuse Reports
Security Reports
Looking Glass (todo)
Speedtest (todo)
BCP38 (todo)
RPKI ROA installed, ROA validation with rpki-client & GoRTR
MANRS (todo - will be compliant)
NLNOG BGP Filter Guide(todo)
RIPE Atlas (todo: anchor request sent for Zurich sent; other locations will get virtual probes
NLNOG Ring (todo: application sent, VM to be installed)