Network Details

Please reference the following table for details a quick overview of the details of this network.

Organisation Name Massar Networking
RIPE LIR ch.massar (application in progress)
PeeringDB (details to follow)
ASN (details to follow)
IPv4 Prefix (details to follow)
IPv6 Prefix (details to follow)
Transits (AS50869)
Peering Locations Daedalean, Zurich, Switzerland
Peering Policy Open
Peering Requests (todo: WebInterface+API)
Abuse Reports
Security Reports
Looking Glass (todo)
Speedtest (todo)
BCP38 (todo - will be implemented)
RPKI (todo - will be implemented with both RPKI Client and Routinator 3000 for resiliency tests)
MANRS (todo - will be compliant)
RIPE Atlas (todo)
NLNOG Ring (todo)