Research Goals

This network exists to further a variety of goals, primarily focused on learning and research with a mix of personal connectivity for a variety of projects.

Short Term

  • Add - Dell R640
  • NTP (locally GPS + PPS synced)
  • Looking Glass
  • RBL Monitoring
  • PeeringDB integration in peerbuilder
  • Network Plan
  • mm01.zrh at Daedalean / IPng Networks
  • at AXA / Init7
  • DNS Authoritive is at ( / is hosted by AS57777
  • RIPE: LIR, ASN, IPv4 prefix and IPv6 prefix
  • Get transit and primary uplink from IPng Networks
  • Announce AS57777 over BGP
  • Become part of the DFZ (Default Free Zone) - no default routes on our routers!
  • Reverse & Forward DNS
  • Enable ROAs using RIPE hosted CA
  • Links between Lugano, Zurich, Winterthur
  • Implement RPKI: ROA & Drop invalids
  • Implement NLNOG BGPFilterGuide
  • mm01.lug at new home location over G.Fast
  • RIPE Atlas nodes: 1 Anchor @ zurich, 2 probes @ lugano + winterthur
  • Microsoft Outlook Smart Network Data Service Junk Mail Reporting Program
  • NLNOG Ring LookingGlass
  • NLNOG Ring node @
  • Connect to various IX
  • RIPE RIS Peering: RRC20
  • Host a RPKIViews -- RPKI Transparency node:
  • Dual router setup in Lugano with VRRP failover
  • iBGP between 2 routers in Lugano, 1x Zurich, 1x Winterthur
  • Renumber & rename everything
  • Anycasted DNS Auth: + anycasted in Lugano and Zurich
  • Anycasted DNS Recursive: + anycasted in Lugano and Zurich
  • Anycasted HTTP Service: anycasted in Lugano and Zurich
  • Anycasted Mirror Service: anycasted in Lugano and Zurich
  • CAIDA Spoofer checker + very strict filtering
  • Peerings are generated from simple peers.json list
  • IRR objects are fetched with bgpq4 and filter lists are generated
  • Initial RIPE object updater, no auto-submit, but object is generated
  • Use RTR for IRR (bgpq4) generated prefix lists
  • Use RTR for Spamhaus ASN-DROP + DROP lists
  • DNS Authoritive: DoT + DoH using dnsdist
  • Add, and


  • Management tool for this all; requires to be functional

Long Term (year+)

  • Research:
    • new BGP toolkits
    • network management & deployment
    • server management & deployment
    • traffic monitoring
    • traffic management
    • setup arm64 cluster for shared-dedicated services