IEEE OUI-36 8C-1F-64-FA-A registry

Massar Networks has been assigned by the IEEE OUI-36 registry the block 8C-1F-64-FA-A / 8c:1f:64:fa:a.

Along with the EUI-48 block of 4096 MAC addresses: 8c:1f:64:fa:a0:00 through 8c:1f:64:fa:af-ff which also provides EUI-64 prefixes for for instance IPv6 autoconfiguration. We use these MAC address assignments (EUI-48 and EUI-64) on our network equipment that we provide to customers. This to aid in debugging in case our devices cause issues or incompatibities, they can with this easily be recognized.


We allocate our prefixes per device, using the format x:yy. Where yy is the actual device, and the x indicates a subinterface on that device. This allows us to split the 4096 block into 256 logical devices with each 16 interfaces, which fits our current devices, some devices will be assigned multiple blocks if port count requires.

Public Assignments

A few publicly notable MACs are listed below to indicate where they are used.

MAC (EUI-64)DeviceInterfaceDescription

Other devices might not be connected to public networks directly, thus are not listed above.


In case of questions regarding MAC addresses in this range, don't hesitate to contact us and we can either investigate the affecting device setup ourselves, when in our possession/operation or contact and help the customer to debug their setup.